Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Creative Scarecrows" at Aldridge Gardens

This past weekend Nana came up to visit and spend time with the babies. On Sunday, the rain finally let up for a little while and we all took off to Aldridge Gardens for a stroller ride.

Gary managed to skip a rock 5 times. . . .

The kids were very impressed.

There was some sort of an exhibit with "creative scarecrows," so I got a few pictures of those. . . .

Again, the kids were impressed.

At least we got a LONG nap in that day -- for babies and parents!


E. Merritt said...

Hello, I came across your blog from the MoM site and our stories are almost identical. You can read more on my blog, but I went in the hospital at 23w6d and delivered my BBB triplets at 30w1d. Like Rosemary, I have one that was born much smaller than the other two (IUGR). My boys are now 7 1/2 months. It'll be fun to follow your story.

O'Brien Bunch said...

No-no-no-no---that third one down is NOT a scarecrow!

That would be ME. And my leechy Momma baby.

Yes, I drag her from my person nearly 24-7.

The rock skipping photo is fun! Great shot.

Heather Lee said...

E. Merritt -- nice to meet you.

Daune -- for some reason the "mama scarecrow" really spoke to me.... :)

Amanda said...

Piper and Rosemary really look a lot alike in these bottom pics!!