Tuesday, September 29, 2009

15-Month Check-Up

Today we had the babies' 15-month check-up. We woke up to a surprisingly cool morning. Luckily, I had already picked up a few long-sleeve outfits for the babies, and had just yesterday gotten in some winter shoes (sometime last week I realized that it was almost October and the girls only had sandals). I was excited to get everyone dressed up in some new clothes. Of course, I took some pictures of the kids in their new digs.

Here is Piper, not very happy (someone must have told her it was pediatrician day):

She did take some time away from her crying to be nosey and look over Henry's shoulder to see what he was doing. . . .

And here's Henry all dressed up and ready to go:

SweetLittleRosemary really looked her nickname this morning:

The pediatrician appointment went well. Here are the babies' stats (based on actual, not adjusted, age):

Piper: 20 lbs. 0.5 oz. (10-25th percentile), 29 inches tall (10-25th percentile), 17.75 inch head circumference (10-25th percentile)

Henry: 20 lbs. 14 oz. (5-10th percentile), 30 inches tall (10-25th percentile), 19.25 inch head circumference (90-95th percentile)

Rosemary: 17 lbs. 8 oz. (<5th percentile), 27.25 inches tall (<5th percentile), 17.25 inch head circumference (5-10th percentile)

After the pediatrician appointment, we decided that the babies needed some Happy Meals (and yes, we did get Piper a chocolate milkshake to make up for the last spilled one, which put her in a much better mood than earlier today):

Best of all, this time the Happy Meals came with age-appropriate toys (they were out of the under 3 toys the last time) which the babies LOVE -- maybe because the toys are similar to the hammer. They are little magnifying glasses that show a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Piper grabbed her toy and took off:

After lunch the babies went to bed and took an unusually long nap. Too bad I had to go to work and couldn't join them. . . .

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