Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Happy Meals!!

We (okay, mostly me) decided that it is time for the kids to have their first Happy Meal. So, after our trip to Aldridge Gardens this past Saturday, we ran through the drive-through at McDonald's and picked up three cheeseburger Happy Meals.

Piper was definitely impressed:

Henry thoroughly enjoyed his Happy Meal. He really cracked me up because he ate the burger and fries about the way I'd imagine a teenage boy would eat it, burger in one hand, other hand shoveling fries in his mouth. . . .

Rosemary was very happy with her Happy Meal, and especially loved the pickles!!

We had to get the babies chocolate milkshakes with their Happy Meals. Piper, a great lover of chocolate, was very happy with her milkshake:

Henry loved his milkshake, too!

Henry preferred to drink his chocolate milkshake directly out of the cup rather than through the straw.

At some point, Gary tried to pull the milkshake away from Henry, and had a really hard time getting it away!!

Rosemary got hold of her milkshake and was not going to let go for anything:

Unfortunately, Piper dropped her milkshake onto the floor.

Even though Rosemary was sitting sideways while Gary was cleaning up Piper's spilled chocolate milkshake, she never stopped sucking down her own chocolate milkshake.

And this is Piper's reaction to dropping her chocolate milkshake:

Poor Piper! Maybe her daddy will let her have another one sometime soon.


Michelle Carney said...

So cute! But such a pitiful Piper! :o(

Abbie said...

I am beyond impressed with how well your babies eat! Maybe I should take some notes! Love the milk shake pictures!! I will also add your making me hungry for McDonalds! :p

Jenny H. said...

Poor Piper! I too know what it feels like to drop a milkshake...heartbreaking.

Nana said...

Poor Baby... Nana will bring her another one!

Nana said...

Poor Baby... Nana will bring her another one!

Marissa said...

What a fun milestone! My boys have recently started "demanding" burgers every time we get home from the store now. I made the mistake of bribing them with burgers if they were good just two measley times!!!! Too bad for them they have a mean mommy who won't give in. ;-)