Thursday, August 20, 2009

Growing Up

The kids seem to keep doing more and more things every day. And really cute things at that. I was at home with the babies alone for a little while on Tuesday night, and it seemed like they were doing the best they could do to impress me with their ultimate cuteness. The first thing that happened is that Rosemary turned toward me and took two steps. They weren't really "steps" in the sense of walking, but she lunged toward me and moved her feet sort of like she was walking (she has improved on that by taking real steps today), but it was exciting nonetheless. I predict that Rosemary will do her best to mimic Piper and will also be full-on walking in no time.

Then when I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready, I could hear Piper singing. Piper loves to sing, but only when "no one" is around. Piper will sing around Henry and Rosemary, but not adults. And by that I mean that she will sing if she doesn't see adults in her line of vision. She sings a lot when she is in the stroller, and she really sings a lot when she is in the car (rear-facing seat so she can't see us up front). And she has more than one song. If I'm playing music, when a new song comes on she waits to hear it for a little bit, then starts belting out her own version of the song. It's my favorite thing about taking her for a ride anywhere -- listening to her sweet voice. At least I think it's a sweet voice. Unfortunately, she takes after me and Gary because if you ever hear her on American Idol, it will be for the first part of the show where they make fun of the contestants.

And Henry is becoming very good at giving hugs. That night I was hugging Henry, and while he had his little arms around my neck he starting patting my back. It was a little awkward for him, but you could tell that he has picked up that we pat him on the back when we hug him, and he was doing the same for us. Too sweet.

Anyway, no pictures for this post, just some comments on how sweet my babies are -- and how much they are growing up. We had a photo session with our photographer, Heather Swanner, this morning, so there are many many cute pictures coming soon!

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Michelle Carney said...

"Kids"?! A little sad to see... ;o)