Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Introduction to One-Year-Old Style

When we got Henry dressed on Sunday morning, his collar was popped. Henry likes it that way, and thinks he looks cool. Gary hates a popped collar, but I thought it was cute (excuse the bananas on his shirt from breakfast):

I told Gary that we just needed to let Henry express himself through his clothing if that's what he wanted to do. Henry did seem to think that he looked particularly good that morning and really struck a few poses for the camera. . . .

But I will admit that I am not a fan of the saggy pants look he was sporting along with his popped collar.

P.S. These pictures are the first ones I've taken with the camera on manual setting and using a flash. Until now, I've just been too scared to even try it, but I really think these turned out okay. I used my pop-up flash instead of my external flash because I decided to try flash at the last minute, but I think I'm ready to try a little with my external flash now.

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The Epps Family said...

They could NOT be cuter and Henry looks just like YOU!!!!!