Thursday, August 30, 2012

She’s Turned the Corner

With my kids, so far, I’ve seen two main transformations.  One is when they become kids.  That has happened with all of the big kids at some point over the last few months.  They just all of the sudden were “kids” and nothing else.

The other transformation is when they stop being a baby.  That just recently happened with Penelope.  One day she was a baby (or a toddler-baby), and the next she wasn’t. 


Up until now, she’s insisted that she was still a baby, but last week she informed me that she was a big kid and not a baby.  We still call her “Baby” though – so much for all that stress over what to name her!  In my mind, she isn’t quite a “kid” yet, but she’s not a baby any longer.  Except that she still has some fat cheeks.


I love those cheeks. 


JoLynn said...

She's getting a neck...that makes her officially moving into the toddler stage!

Stacey Webb said...

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Janine said...

I love this post. I am seeing the same thing with Keagan. I am having a hard time with the transformation to "not a baby" in our house, though! But he is so independent (or tries to be!) that I have to let him grow up. It's fun to watch them become little people, but Man! it pains me!!

adrienneruss said...