Thursday, August 2, 2012


Penelope is almost 2.  She turns TWO a week from tomorrow.  But she acts like she’s 4, and she thinks she’s 3 (seriously, ask her how old she is – these days she holds up one finger but says “three”).


This kid is hilarious.  She gets SO MAD when she’s not treated just like one of the big kids.  I’m so glad that she’s going to school this year so that we don’t have to deal with the meltdowns every morning when the big kids leave.


BUT, still, if you ask Penelope if she is a big girl or a baby, she will answer, “Baby.”  Granted, this could be in part because we all call her Baby.  I used to watch Dirty Dancing and wonder how they ever started calling Jennifer Grey’s character “Baby” . . . now I know.


Penelope talks a lot, and she talks well.  She seems to be able to communicate fully, and we can sit and have discussions with each other.  It’s a completely different experience than we had with the big kids.


She is still working on using the potty.  She probably actually uses it about once a day – but she tries more often than that.  Lately she’s been doing the funniest thing at nights – she will sit on the potty for a bit then run up to me saying, “Mama.  Mama.  I need treat now.”  I will ask her if she teetee’d in the potty, and she holds up her little hand, and puts her index finger right next to her thumb, and says, “Almost teetee.”  I explain that “almost teetee” doesn’t get a treat, which usually doesn’t go over very well.


We got some good news about Penelope on Tuesday.  The bloodwork for her peanut allergy came back, and the levels are very low which means that she has a chance of outgrowing her peanut allergy.  We can retest by taking her blood when she is three and if the levels are even lower, then we can try a food challenge to see if she is still allergic to peanuts.  I have my fingers crossed that she outgrows this allergy.

Penelope is definitely growing up – and fast.  I can’t believe it’s almost been 2 years.  Time is really flying by. . . .


Anonymous said...

What kind of school do 2 year olds go to?

Heather said...

Hi, Anonymous. 2-year-olds typically go to some sort of playschool. Penelope will be going to the same playschool the kids went to, which is a curriculum-based program two mornings a week. The kids, however, are moving up to preschool this year, which is three mornings a week.