Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Hammer

Henry, a/k/a The Hammer, is quite a character.  He is such a boy, and such a brother.  He has the innate ability to annoy each and every one of his sisters as if she were his only sister.  He has way more energy than he should have, but I suppose that’s just what it’s like to be a boy.

I usually take many more photos of Piper and Rosemary than I do Henry or Penelope.  Henry does his best to avoid my camera and any eye contact whatsoever, and Penelope isn’t quite to posing age – I really have to catch her on the run.  Piper and Rosemary love to pose for a photo, and I usually just take the photos that present themselves as the easiest opportunities.  This past Sunday, I decided to really work on getting some photos of Henry.


{I used the above photo for my Project 52 this past week and it was one of the photos featured as “Eye Candy” on the My Four Hens blog yesterday.}


After the initial giggling and shyness, the Hammer was surprisingly more willing than I had expected.


He is such a funny kid, and I really enjoy spending time with him.  He and I have lots of similarities.  For instance, I wake up early most every morning.  So does Henry.  On weekdays, he comes downstairs and hangs out with me while I finish getting ready.  On weekends, he comes downstairs and we drink coffee together (decaf, of course) and watch cartoons.  We’ve gotten to where we don’t even talk on weekends until we finish our coffee.  I go get him, we walk down the stairs together, we sit down to watch cartoons, and after a bit of coffee we start talking.  We just know what our routine is and follow it – like an old married couple.


He’s a sweet boy, and I’m glad I took a little time this weekend to really work on photographing one of my lesser photographed children.



Anonymous said...

Now you just need to get him a haircut. If he had a shirt on then he could be mistaken for a girl.

Teej said...

What an ugly comment by the above poster. Henry looks like all boy to me, and I love his shaggy locks! Beautiful pictures.

KAW said...

His long hair is gorgeous...and not that long compared to my kids :)

Jenny H. said...

love the hair. hate snarky anonymous comments.

Janine said...

What a gorgeous child. That smile! I love it!! And I love your special weekend routine! Wonderful pictures of your handsome boy, Heather!

adrienneruss said...