Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Kiddie Carnival

We have a “kiddie carnival” in my hometown.  It’s targeted toward little kids – more preschool age than anything else.  I don’t know how long the kiddie carnival has been around, but I remember going to it when I was a little kid.  It’s a really big deal, so I was very glad to see my kids enjoy the same experience as I had as a child.

First up were the rocket ships.  Piper and Laramy acted like they were beauty queens in a parade, and smiled and waved the whole time.


Many other rides followed.  Penelope rode on every single one.  She would stand in line, hand over her ticket, and jump right on whatever ride was next.  At one point, one of the ticket-takers asked me if I was going to let her ride (I guess because she’s so little), and I told him that he could be the one to tell her she couldn’t ride.  He didn’t.  


We saw a lot of people that we knew at the kiddie carnival.  It’s a small world for sure because we saw some Birmingham triplets who were there with their grandparents!  We also saw a family friend that I haven’t seen in many years, and he surprised me by telling me that he reads our blog several times a week (hello there!).  I’m always so amazed and humbled at the people who read our blog and care about our family.


I’m not sure who Piper was sitting next to on this ride, but she talked her ear off. . . .


Henry wasn’t very into the rides.  He was far more interested in the “ice” at the kiddie carnival.


But that’s okay, the girls enjoyed enough rides to make up for his lack of rides.


It was a great time, and I’m so very glad that I got to see our kids experience something I loved as a child.

But that wasn’t the end of our weekend – one more post to follow!


Janine said...

Penelope's face is awesome!!!

Twilla Susanne Jackson said...

I love these!