Thursday, July 26, 2012

Harmony Park Safari

Seriously, if you haven’t been to Harmony Park Safari in Huntsville, you’re missing out.  Big time.  I have truly never seen anything like it.

First, we get there, buy a few buckets of food and some cups of lettuce, and my dad signs a release (it was later abundantly clear why a release was needed).  Then, there is an area full of HUGE tortoises . . . that walk up to you as you hand-feed them pieces of lettuce. 


Everyone really enjoyed it.  I must admit that it was a little freaky, though.  They moved slow, but they moved, and it felt just a little bit like zombies were coming after me.  I was glad to get out of there.


Next was the crazy part of the trip . . . see, Harmony Park Safari is basically a drive-through zoo.  Nana, Papa, me and my kids, and Zac and his kids, all piled into Papa’s truck for the ride.  The animals literally walked right up the truck – and stuck their heads in the truck – to be fed.


There were the typical animals – like deer, goats, etc.


There were also camels, llamas, emus, ostriches, alligators, zebras, and buffalo. . . .


Eli wanted to pet all of them!


But somehow we managed to keep him in the truck.


I just can’t believe they had a camel there.


The llamas were weird.  They are just weird animals – their teeth freak me out.  Henry didn’t seem to mind them that much.


Everyone had a great time.  My dad enjoyed himself immensely.  He loves animals and loves having his grandkids around animals – he laughed almost the whole time we were there.  Well, he didn’t laugh when one of the animals (I can’t remember which one – maybe an emu or a llama) was eating food off his truck, but other than that he had fun.  The kids didn’t disappoint.  They didn’t see fazed at all by the different animals they saw there, and they loved feeding them all. 

I still can’t believe how crazy that place was.  I just can’t believe that you can drive through and see – and feed – all those animals.  If you are ever near Huntsville, you have got to check it out.

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Jessica said...

We did something similar recently and it was a blast! Great pics!