Thursday, July 5, 2012

One Last Jump. . . .

Last year when we rented a bouncy house for the party, we got it for the entire weekend – Friday night through Monday morning.  The kids loved it, and Gary managed to get a corneal abrasion by poking his eye out with his thumb while we were playing in it with the kids.  This year, though, we only got the bouncy house for the day of the party.  It arrived around 9am and it was gone around 8pm.  The kids were very aware that the bouncy house wouldn’t be in the backyard forever, and wanted to make use of it for every possible second.


I think I was most surprised by how much Penelope loved it.  She was totally into it, and even the kids jumping while she was jumping didn’t faze her a bit.


Those kids are fearless.


I didn’t see Gary get in the bouncy house a single time on Saturday, though.  Maybe it was the heat?  Or maybe he learned that adults needed to be careful in those things. . . .  I only took a few jumps in it myself.  Mostly I just poked my head in to take some photos.


No injuries this year though.  Just jumping and jumping and jumping.  I still don’t know how they didn’t take a decent nap on Saturday after all that jumping – but I guess they were too excited to sleep with a bouncy house in the backyard.


It was really fun letting the kids have as much time in the backyard as they wanted after the party.  They loved having a bouncy house, and they loved seeing some of the decorations still up, and they loved talking about their party and what happened everywhere.  They ran and talked and jumped and ran and talked and jumped more than I thought was possible.


It was a nice end to a busy party day, and it was great to go to bed that night knowing that we could rest a bit the following day without a bouncy house to cause too much distraction!

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