Friday, July 6, 2012

The Potty Drum

Penelope has been sitting on her potty for months without anything actually happening.  She loves sitting on her potty.  Loves it!  It’s a hassle, but I let her keep sitting on the potty in the hopes that something will eventually click. 

She is a multi-tasker when she’s on the potty.  She sometimes watches television or plays with a toy.  This past weekend she grabbed one of the drums that Grandma and Grandpa gave the big kids for their birthday and did a little drumming while she sat on the potty. 


Rosemary sat nearby on her new “laptop.”


You can imagine my shock when I heard Rosemary yelling, “Penelope teetee’d in her potty!!!”  I ran into the living room and, in fact, Penelope had actually used the potty!  We celebrated then awarded her with a skittle.  Later that day she did it again!!!  I thought we were on a roll, but she’s only used the potty once since then. . . .  Maybe we need to pull out the potty drum again! 

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Janine said...

I need a Potty Drum. Heck, I just need Keagan to not scream when I ask him if he wants to sit on the potty!!! I fear it will be a while for us....