Thursday, August 9, 2012

Weekend Fun at the Lake

This past Saturday we started out by eating breakfast then heading to the neighborhood pool.  For some reason, there was almost no one at the pool.  We have no idea why not, but we had the pool to ourselves and that was a lot of fun.  That afternoon we visited some of our friends, Adrienne and Bryon (who also have triplets plus one), at their home on a lake for some photos, playtime, and dinner.  The kids absolutely love visiting them and we all had such a wonderful time. 

Adrienne and I were actually friends long before we had triplets – we met when lived down the hall from each other our freshman year at college and a few years later Adrienne was the maid of honor at my wedding.  We knew each other BEFORE we knew our husbands, which I think is cool.  We still can’t get over the fact that years later we have such a similar family make-up – her triplets are 8 months younger than ours, and her baby is just 3 months younger than Penelope.  You just can’t plan that sort of thing. . . .  I’m so glad that we all have each other and that our kids get to know each other and play together.  They are some cool kids.


Anyway, once we got to Adrienne and Bryon’s house, Henry cracked me up because he pulled out a chair so that it was overlooking the lake and sat and chilled out for a while.  He knows how to relax!!


Everyone had an absolute blast playing – and exploring. 


The first thing Henry said the next morning was to ask when we were going back to Mr. Bryon’s house. 


It was a great time, and hopefully we’ll all get together again soon.  And next time, I’m going to be sure to get a photo of all 8 of our kids together!


adrienneruss said...

So sweet Heather! We had a blast!!!

JoLynn said...

What fun history to share, both past and present! I'm sure she is one of the few people who really can relate to your life.