Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Surprise

On Monday, Nana called me at work and told me that she and Papa wanted to drive down and take us out to dinner . . . and bring a surprise to the kids.  After I had her promise that this surprise didn’t involve anything alive, I agreed.  So, Nana and Papa drove down, and brought Aunt Jack, Uncle Seth, and Laramy along for the ride.

It was a GREAT surprise for the kids . . . and especially Henry!


This tractor is awesome.  It runs off a battery that needs to be charged every couple of days, and has a real honest-to-God working radio.


Piper definitely really enjoys the tractor, and Penelope likes it pretty good.  Rosemary really liked the radio on the tractor the best.  Rosemary’s problem is just that she is the worst driver ever.  It’s funny how bad of a driver she is.  Let’s hope she improves before she turns 16 . . . for all of our sakes!


In addition to the tractor entertainment, we had Uncle Seth entertainment.  Uncle Seth would put the kids on his shoulders and run as fast as he could.  The kids LOVED it.


Well, the girls loved it.  Henry was too busy driving his tractor to pay them much attention.



JoLynn said...

That is sooo awesome! I want one, for the kids I mean!

Jamie said...

Am I the only one picturing the "can't buy me love" scene in the third pic where her arms are up in the air? love it.