Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lazy Weekend Day

This past weekend was pretty busy on Saturday – and lazy on Sunday.  It was great.  On Saturday I had a Matilda Jane trunk show, which was a ton of fun.  We had a lot of friends show up with their daughters and hang out for a while.  Later that day, we went over to a friend’s house for a playdate and dinner.  We had an amazing time and the kids are still talking about how much fun they had.  Even though I carried my camera around with me all day, I didn’t take a single shot, so no photos of Saturday for the blog. . . .

Anyway, the kids had so much fun that Henry slept in until 8am the next morning, and the girls didn’t get up until after 9am.  Henry came downstairs and was ready for his coffee.


Since everyone got up too late to get to church, we decided to have a lazy day at home.  I gave the girls pedicures while Gary trimmed nails, then the kids spent some time swimming in the backyard, throwing balls, and just playing.


Well, it wasn’t all fun and games.  Henry had to work a bit. . . .


We also chased a lot of butterflies.  Apparently we have a ton of butterflies in the backyard!


I think we all needed a lazy day.  The kids have been a little difficult lately, and their attitudes have been much improved since the weekend.


We finished up the day with some hot dogs on the grill, and looking for stars to wish on.  We found a few.


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Janine said...

I love all these pics but I especially love the last one!! Such beautiful babies!! I love how Penelope just dives right in to the activities with the big kids!!