Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Little Doggies

Piper pretends to be a dog.  A lot.  She always pretends to be a dog she knows – it could be Gracie (Nana and Papa’s dog), Colby (Auntie Ann’s dog), Rosalee (Miss Sally’s dog), or most recently Wooky (Katy and Harrison’s dog).  It’s easy to tell when Piper is pretending to be a dog.  She drops to all fours, pants, sticks out her tongue, and barks in response to all questions.   


She is very good about staying in her role and almost never speaks in little girl when she is being a dog.  I was brushing her hair the other day while she was being Gracie and she whimpered in an appropriate dog sound.  Tonight she jumped up on the couch and licked my face.  A big, long swipe of her tongue that went from my chin up to the corner of my eye.  It was a little weird.


The good thing about it is that if you play pretend with her, and call her by the appropriate doggie name, then she will immediately do whatever you tell her.  Sometimes that’s easier!    We have only two times when dogs are not allowed – dogs are not allowed to walk down the stairs and dogs are not allowed at the dinner table.

Penelope also tries to be a dog.  She’s not quite as good as Piper, but she’s getting there.


Every time Piper turns into a dog, Gary looks at me and asks, “Is that normal?”  Ha!  I hope it is!


Nana said...

It is normal,or at least your Aunt Janice turned out pretty normal! And we still love her! lol

Brooke Hurley said...

I don't think anything any child does is normal lol but every child does it :) i am shocked at the things my boys do. However they are REALLY CUTE PUPPIES!

Lynne and Neal said...

I hope it is normal! :) One of my trio does it as well. The funny thing is he refuses to answer to anything but "doggy" or "kitty" and will correct us if we call him by his name!

Love reading your blog!

JoLynn said...

Getting on all fours and panting, totally normal.

Licking your entire face, borderline but still displaying some great imagination.

When she starts peeing on you to mark her territory, I might be worried! ;)