Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First Trip to Railroad Park

This past weekend was haircut weekend for the kids.  It was super-easy for the big kids – the easiest yet.  We just handed them a tootsie roll pop that we bought on the way to the salon and told them to get up in the seat. 

We’re trying to let Henry’s hair grow out.  Being a headbanger (as we call it) had affected his hair greatly and caused it to break.  When we was in the room with the big girls, he did it less frequently then when he was younger, but still banged his head to go to sleep.  Now that he’s in his new room, he’s only banged his head a couple of times and his hair is in much better shape.  As far as the big girls, we’ve been getting their hair cut into bobs because their hair was so thin, but it’s getting thick enough now that we’re going to try to let it grow out and see what it does.  For Penelope, we don’t do much.  We are just trimming up the back and going for a bob with her – just to try to avoid the inevitable mullet that you get a baby’s hair growing out for the first time.

Henry went first, and was a perfect angel.  Piper was next.  She did a great job, too.  Then we decided to do Penelope next.  She started kicking and screaming, “NO!” the minute we told her it was her turn.  She wouldn’t sit in the chair by herself, so I sat in the chair and she faced me.  She screamed and cried almost the entire time and had her face up against my chest, trying to keep Peter from cutting her hair.  Every once in a while she’d stop screaming and look at Peter, giving him the stinkeye and still saying, “No.”  (Anyone who has spent much time with Penelope knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about – eyes narrowed, mouth pursed, with a very serious “no” being said with a little shake for emphasis.)  Finally, we decided to give her a break while Rosemary got her cut.  Again, perfect haircut behavior.  Then we tried to finish Penelope’s hair, this time with her sitting on Gary’s lap.  Same thing.  Luckily, Peter is an incredibly patient person and her hair did get cut.  And Penelope seems to have recovered from the trauma!

After that, we were trying to figure out something fun to do, and realized that we were pretty close to the Railroad Park.  We’d never been there before, but decided to give it a shot.  The kids had a ball, and immediately took off for the playground. . . .


Except for that whole screaming thing at the hair salon, it was a great outing.


Lindsey Wolfe said...

Logan has finally stopped banging his head, but will still sometimes bang his leg. Now he rolls his head/practically his whole body back and forth to fall asleep. I'd think that was totally crazy, except my mother does it and has since she was a baby. 3 years later she still rolls herself to sleep. I feel for Logan's future wife. lol

TripMomma said...

You take the most amazing pictures! I love the banner and pea pods all over your blog too...super cute!

Esther and Brian said...

love these photos and outfits! and the saltwater sandals :)