Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Evidence

In the days that have passed since the unauthorized haircuts, I’ve noticed many things.  For one, Penelope unfortunately inherited my cowlick right on the front of the hairline, which doesn’t work so well with her new way-too-short bangs. 


We also discovered that Henry cut two layers of bangs for himself.  One layer right above the brow, and another layer higher than that.


It could be worse, I know, but it could also be a lot better!!! 

Miss Sally says that every day after nap he proudly announces that he stayed in his bedroom during nap and that he didn’t cut anyone’s hair.  Which is good news, of course. 

I see a lot of hats for us in the near future.  A lot of hats.

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JoLynn said...

You may have to make a visit to your fantastic hairdresser to see what kind of magic he can perform!

Lora G said...

This bangs story is up there with the balcony story. I am so glad you are documenting this, because I swear you couldn't make this stuff up :)