Friday, May 25, 2012

Playing in the Backyard

After naps on Sunday, the kids enjoyed spending some time outside playing in the backyard.  Piper grilled us all up some burgers . . .


. . . and we watched Rosemary spin in circles so we could all see how pretty her dress was.


Poor Piper.  Rosemary was spinning and having fun and she was slaving away at the grill.


Penelope helped Piper grill some, then for some reason walked around proudly showing us her belly button. 


I love all of the pretend play that we have going on these days.  It’s amazing to me to see what all the kids come up with.  For instance, this happened tonight:

Piper:  “Mama, I need to go get Rosemary’s pajamas.”

Me:  “Why can’t Rosemary get her own pajamas.”

Piper:  “Because she’s a baby.”

Me:  “Oh.”  {To Rosemary:}  “So you’re a baby tonight?”

Rosemary:  {Nothing.  She just stared at me.}

Piper:  “Mama.  Babies can’t talk.”

Well of course!  I don’t know why I didn’t think of that myself.

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