Thursday, May 5, 2011

Penelope’s Introduction to Cracker Barrel

Due to the tornadoes, Nana and Papa didn’t have electricity for several days.  So this past Sunday they drove down to visit with us -- and to take showers and enjoy other amenities associated with having electricity.  We started out the morning by meeting Nana and Papa at the local Cracker Barrel for some breakfast. 

The kids wanted ‘cakes (a/k/a pancakes), Piper and Henry wanted bacon with their ‘cakes, and Rosemary wanted sausage.  Piper and Henry really ate well.  Rosemary ate better than well.  She ate her ‘cake, half of Piper’s ‘cake, her sausage, some of Henry’s bacon, and some of Papa’s hashbrown casserole and baked apples. 

Penelope started out with a few goldfish.  For her main dish, she had a side of hashbrown casserole, which she loved.  But then I let her have some of my baked apples, which she more than loved. 

It went something like this – first a little bite of apple.

DSC_0826 W Followed by a head-to-toe shiver.

DSC_0813 W Then the waving of the arms and kicking of the legs to show approval of the apple.

DSC_0817 W DSC_0820 W Then we’re ready to do it all over again.

DSC_0815 W


Janine said...

I LOVE that you were able to document the head-to-toe shiver. Keagan has been doing this very same thing since early on and I have never gotten a pic of it! These pics are great! I LOVE Cracker Barrel.

Heather said...

Thanks, Janine! I love the head-to-toe shiver! Rosemary used to have one, and now Penelope does. This was my first time to document it. :)

brooke said...

ok first off CUTE! but second I am starting to see more of the girls in her WOW so pretty! Yall are lucky to have such pretty babies! I miss them!