Monday, May 16, 2011

Last Day of Playschool

Today was the kids’ last day of playschool for this schoolyear.  I tried to take some photos before everyone left for school, but we were a little in a hurry and the kids didn’t really feel like getting their photos taken this morning.  This was the best one I got. . . .

DSC_1292 WI got a great photo of the kids with their teachers, but I forgot to ask the teachers for permission to post their photo on our blog so I’m going to wait on that one. 

The big kids will start back in September and are going to repeat this playschool class before they move on to preschool.  Anyway, the teachers sent home a great folder with photos of the kids from throughout the schoolyear, which also included “awards” for each of the kids.  Here’s what the awards were for our kids:

“Our Crafty award goes to . . . Piper!!  Every time we had craft time Piper was first in line for her paint shirt.  Stickers, stamps, crayons, you name it she was all over it.  We could always count on Piper to enjoy whatever craft we gave her!  Thank you Piper for making us feel more creative!”

“The Mighty Mouse award goes to . . . Rosemary!!  Rosemary may be small, but as we all know big things can come in small packages.  Rosemary’s personality and determination burst out of this little peanut everyday!  Thank you Rosemary for showing us that even the smallest child can be heard!”

“Our class Flirt award goes to . . . Henry!!  Henry, though serious on the outside, can melt any girl’s heart with his smile.  Henry easily won our hearts the very first time we saw him flash his pearly whites!  Thank you Henry for brightening our days!”

We are going to miss school so much this summer!

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Nik said...

Henry's award cracked me up! Do not be at all surprised if he keeps up his flirtation into kindergarten and winning over the girls. I think it has to do with having sisters the same age!