Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our Weekend So Far

So, for this weekend we had planned to go to a friend’s house for a cookout and hit church tomorrow.  Unfortunately, Miss Sally called me on Friday afternoon and said that Piper was sick.  She wasn’t eating well, and had a mild fever.  She perked up after some Motrin, but definitely wasn’t feeling well. 

This morning Piper woke up with a 103 degree fever.  We gave her more Motrin and she stayed in bed for a couple of hours, then came down and watched Snow White.  We went outside for a bit, but Piper wanted to come in and get covered up because she was shivering and cold (for those of you not around here, the temperature was near 80 today and I was in shorts and a tank top and sweating).  Poor baby.  This whole time we’ve just assumed it was a fever virus, especially because Piper is prone to pick those up.  We skipped the cookout and probably will be skipping church tomorrow, too.

Then tonight Piper told Gary that her teeth were hurting.  Gary checked her throat and it was red, so we’ll take her in to the pediatrician tomorrow morning and hope that they can get her fixed up soon.  I don’t like to see any of my kids sick, but Piper has always been particularly pitiful when she’s sick.

Now Penelope really does have some teeth that are hurting, and today I can definitely see that the tip of her fifth tooth that has just poked through on her top-right side.  She seems to be handling it pretty well (except for the fact that she woke up twice last night – once is our normal). 

In good news, we’re getting there on the toddler bed adjustment.  Now at night, everyone lays down in their beds, we cover them up, and they go to sleep without partying.  Naps have been getting better, and the kids have been taking naps here and there lately, but they are partying way too much and being a little destructive.  In order to monitor things a little better, we bought a video monitor.  We used it for the first time this afternoon.

I swear, we could record this and make some serious money.  I had no idea what all was going on up there.  Those kids are crazy.  Henry was a bit of a jerk today.  We let Piper take a water sippy to bed because we’re trying to keep her good and hydrated, and when she went to sleep Henry walked over and took the water sippy, took a few big sips, then walked over to Rosemary’s bed and spit it all over her.  We watched him harass everyone for a while, and about an hour in, finally Gary said that he was going to go up and put him in a peapod tent so that he’d leave the girls alone.  Henry didn’t want to go into the peapod tent, but Rosemary did, so Gary put Rosemary in the tent and left.  Then the tent became a toy, and Piper was awake and unzipping the tent which Rosemary didn’t appreciate. 

So Gary decided to put all three of them in peapod tents.  Pure genius.  They didn’t want to go in, but they were all asleep before Gary could get back downstairs and the kids slept for over an hour and a half.  Tonight we put them in their beds and they nicely went to sleep as they have been.  So, for now, we’re going to try toddler beds for bedtime and the peapod tents for naps.  Maybe this will work for us – for now anyway.

The best part of the day was tonight at bedtime.  Piper was wearing her monkey nightgown, Rosemary was wearing another monkey nightgown, and Henry was wearing some monkey pajamas, so we were talking about monkeys.  Piper looked at me and Gary and said, “Monkeys eat bananas and swing from the trees.”  She probably didn’t expect her mama to react by crying, but that’s exactly what I did.  I can’t possibly describe how happy I am to hear these kids talk, and talk well. 

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