Monday, July 6, 2009

We're All Okay. . . .

So far I've had 3 people ask today if all is okay because I haven't updated the blog in almost a week, so I'm making a picture-less post from work (shhh! -- don't tell anyone). We're all fine -- I just have computer issues at home. Gary and I each have our own laptop. The pocket camera and video camera upload to Gary's laptop, my camera uploads to my laptop. It's a pain to switch things around, and if I need pictures from Gary's computer, I have to get on his computer, e-mail the pictures to myself, save them on whatever computer I'm using, then upload them to the blog -- which all takes forever (yes, I know that I could upload everything directly from Gary's computer to the blog, but he gets all grumpy if I'm on his computer too long or if I log him off blogger or whatnot).

Anyway, my computer very unexpectedly died. I finally had time to call Dell yesterday and learned that the hard drive "went bad" and I need a new one. The good news is that I will lose no pictures at all because I never delete pictures and that, since I just recently got around to transferring it, my iTunes is on a flashdrive and I think I'll only lose about 3 songs (I just hope I can de-authorize iTunes on that hard drive without much trouble, if that's even necessary). The week before my brand new blackberry Storm died and has yet to be resurrected, so I'm using a dinosaur of a blackberry. A few days after my computer at home died, my computer at work showed signs of dying as well (though it has now had a miraculous recovery). After all that, Gary banned me from touching his computer because I may give whatever "virus" I may have to his computer, so I didn't have access to any pictures or a personal computer even if I had time to blog considering last week's particularly hectic week at work.

Sadly enough, we didn't really take any 4th of July pictures, even though the babies were wearing really cute outfits. We may have to get them dressed up again to take retroactive 4th of July pictures. On Saturday, we headed up to my mom and dad's house, where we ate a huge lunch and went swimming with the babies. We were so busy that I barely pulled my camera out. Everyone found some new food that they like, Piper loves Nilla wafers, Henry loves potato salad, and Rosemary loves . . . deviled eggs. She ate about 6 of them. Demolished them. A little bizarre, but not too bad on the nutrition scale. The babies also ate a lot of banana pudding, too.

Rest assured, I am still taking pictures of everyday life and will have lots of updates as soon as Dell sends me my new hard drive (ETA Wednesday). Blog updates just aren't very fun without pictures!

I hope you all had a great 4th of July!

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