Monday, July 13, 2009

Kicked out of Early Intervention!!

Back in February, I was concerned about the babies' development. Upon the advice of another triplet mom in town, I called Early Intervention to come out and assess the babies' development. The babies had enough of a delay to qualify for the program, and we were notified that someone (Beth) would come out once a month to "play" with the babies and show us what we can do to encourage proper development. Beth also taught us some tricks of the trade. When Henry had a hard time starting to crawl, Beth suggested we put him in Hip Helpers (we called them "Super Shorts") for a few hours a day to help him get his knees underneath his body, and in no time he was crawling. When Rosemary refused to drink out of a straw, Beth brought over this contraption made with a Sally Beauty Supply hair color applicator and aquarium tubing, and within a week Rosemary was drinking out of "big girl" sippy cups with straws. Overall, the change that Early Intervention made in the babies was amazing: Piper's personality really came out, Rosemary very quickly caught up to Piper in development, and Henry went from screaming every time he was on his tummy to crawling in no time.

Despite the quick progress, I was a little surprised in June when Beth said that she would re-assess us the next month and that they were done. Beth and Jennifer (who first helped assess the babies back in February) came out this past Friday to re-assess the babies, and the findings are amazing. Our one year olds, who were born 10 weeks early, are developmentally caught up with their age. Caught up! There are still slight delays in communication for all three and in motor skills for Henry and Rosemary, but they are also AHEAD in other categories. We are thrilled with the babies' progress and extremely thankful to Beth and the wonderful state program that helped us out so much.

Here are the babies' scores from this past Friday:

Social-Emotional - 13 months
Adaptive - 13 months
Cognitive - 12 months
Communication - 11 months (5% delay)
Motor - 12 months

Social-Emotional - 14 months
Adaptive - 12 months
Cognitive - 13 months
Communication - 11 months (5% delay)
Motor - 11 months (5% delay)

Social-Emotional - 13 months
Adaptive - 12 months
Cognitive - 12 months
Communication - 11 months (7% delay)
Motor - 11 months (3% delay)

This past Friday we also managed to get a graduation picture of the babies with Beth:

We all really hope that Beth will still come visit us when she can!

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