Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Photography Class Homework #2

Last night was our third of four photography classes. I might be starting to understand this a bit more, but nowhere near feeling comfortable with the manual setting on my camera. We'll see how this goes. . . .

Anyway, my homework for this week was to take pictures (1) freezing action, (2) with a wide depth of field, and (3) with a shallow depth of field (not all at the same time, of course). Here are the photos I took "freezing" action:

Here are the photos I took with a wide depth of field (in other words, everything is in focus):

Here are the photos I took with a shallow depth of field (i.e. the background is blurry):

In case you're wondering, above, Rosemary was actually eating my homework. . . . I had to take a picture of that!!


Lindsey Wolfe said...

You can totally use the "baby ate my homework" excuse! AWESOME! We keep trying to figure out how to do the blurry background picture on our Canon Rebel, but haven't quite figured it out. Every so often it happens and then we try to do it again it doesn't work. We get fluke blurry times. Nathan and I need to take a class or something!

Peggy said...

Look at all that hair they are getting! great photos heather

Gail said...

Wow! Heather, the pictures are really very good. The classes are worth the time and trouble for sure. My Grandbabies are Beautiful.