Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Amanda (and her Baby) Visits

The weekend before last, my friend Amanda and her little girl, MM, came by to visit us. MM is almost 7 months old now. I was really anxious to see how the kids did around a baby.

The minute they saw MM in Amanda's arms, they were mesmerized. They did not move at all, and just stood where they were and watched her. Amanda got up to make MM's bottle, and eventually I got my hands on MM (from a laying down position, of course). Only then did the kids feel comfortable in coming closer. Piper wanted to touch MM's arm, and seemed very surprised that she was real. Henry liked to get right in MM's face and smile at her. And Rosemary just wanted to sit next to her. Both of the girls tried to put hairbows in MM's hair. Thankfully, no one seemed to be jealous that I was holding her.

When Amanda fed MM, that's when everyone started closing in to get a better look. Everyone ended up "helping" Amanda hold MM's bottle, which I thought was sweet. I was glad that I got a few photos of it all. . . .

That visit made me feel a lot better about how the kids will react to a baby. Of course MM only stayed about an hour, but hopefully it won't be immediate dislike!

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Amanda said...

We sure had fun!!!