Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pool Party!!

Auntie Ann recently got a new pool. Auntie Ann and Stephanie have been helping us out some on the weekends with the kids so that Gary can work on his to-do list. So, when Auntie Ann came over this past weekend, she brought her pool along for the kids!

Rosemary is my water baby and especially loved the pool. She would run and jump in, sit a while, then jump out and run around some more, then get back in the pool. Henry was a typical boy and would jump and splash in the pool, which I don't think Rosemary appreciated too much. But Piper was a bit of a scaredy cat. She mostly looked at the pool and kept her distance, but eventually she went up to the pool and splashed her hands in it just a little, and she seemed to enjoy that.

The kids also insisted on wearing their shoes. We started out without shoes, but as soon as they saw the shoes sitting on the porch, they had to put them on.

Here are some photos of the pool experience:

Auntie Ann was kind enough to leave the pool with us for the week, and the kids enjoyed it thoroughly yesterday. Stephanie even got Piper in the pool for a little while! I suppose we'll have to invest in our own pool pretty soon. . . .

P.S. Being as Gary is pretty particular about his yard, I'm sure he is going to ask me if there was not a way that I could have gotten only green grass in the picture. So, I'll go ahead and let you know that the not-so-green grass you see behind the pool is new sod (which may or may not live in this heat wave) that Gary put down this past weekend where we used to have a tree and flower bed. It's just a part of the whole backyard renovation thing.


Cathy said...

These pictures are fantastic - you can just see how much fun the kids are having!! Tell Gary I think the grass looks great, and next time, if he's not happy with you, you can use the sponge tool to make it greener. :-) Also, I need to ask Auntie Ann where she got that pool! I am planning a mermaid/under the sea party for Caroline's birthday, and the fish-themed pool will be just perfect!

Heather said...

Ah, Cathy, you are so right. The sponge tool could have taken care of that!!! I cannot wait to hear about this under the sea party. It sounds like fun!!!