Friday, June 18, 2010

Big and Cuddly

Every night, after we put the kids in bed, we kiss each baby and tell them good night and that we love them. I've always gone in the same order, from farthest away from the door to closest: Rosemary, then Henry, then Piper. Piper is a bottom-in-the-air sleeper. And she has quite a bottom on her. Many nights when I've left their room, I've had to fight the impulse to pick her up and carry her to our bed to snuggle with her. She just looks so cute and cuddly laying there.

Monday morning, Gary was giving me a hug good-bye before he left for work. As he hugged me, he said, very sweetly, "You're so big and cuddly."

I swear. He really did.

He realized what he said immediately, and looked at me to assess the damage. Luckily for Gary, I started laughing. He tried to explain that he really was just referring more to my belly area, but it wasn't a great explanation. I have gotten a little bigger and cuddlier everywhere since I've been pregnant! I just think of it as being like Piper, and it really is a compliment when you think of it that way.


Jamie said...

this totally made me laugh out loud. It also reminded me of the time my husband compared me to a sumo wrestler when I was bending down to pick something up (and "dressed" in undies and a tank top with a ponytail on top of my head). Luckily I was super preggers as well and laughed like crazy.

The Grasshoppa:Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

Of course it is! Last I saw the pics you were looking adorably pregnant.

I would still milk that for a nice foot massage, though.

Heather said...

Jamie -- that is hilarious! At some point in pregnancy, I believe that everyone reaches a size where even they have to realize they're comically big!

Daune -- thanks so much! :) I totally am going to go for a foot massage. I did get an awesome dinner last night!