Thursday, June 24, 2010

Penelope Update

Penelope seems to be doing well, and I'm still pregnant and currently at home, so things are going about as well as they can be going. I had to go to the MEU on Sunday with contractions 1.5 - 3 minutes apart, but my cervix still hadn't changed. We got the contractions under control after two shots of terb and an IV with phenegren, so I got to go home without being admitted. I had an appointment on Monday morning, and all was still good. I had been having a really hard time sleeping with all the contractions, which made me a little crazy. But my doctor prescribed some ambien and that has really helped matters a lot. Also at my appointment on Monday, we had a growth ultrasound for Penelope. She is measuring ahead at a whopping 5 pounds!!! We are REALLY excited that we have a baby that big.

I had to go back to the MEU last night and this time was admitted to L&D for IV sedation. Mom was in town, so she was able to stay with the babies while Gary took me in to get checked out. Last night I was having by far the strongest contractions I've had, again 1.5 - 3 minutes apart, and was more than a little shocked (and pleased) that my cervix still has not changed. After two shots of terb didn't work, I was admitted and given IV demerol, zofran, and antibiotics (just in case I delivered). That stopped the contractions, and I was released and we got to come home this morning. It looks like Penelope is going to stay put for a while longer!

Here are some photos of her from Monday's ultrasound:

We were also told that she has a lot of hair. . . .

And it looks like she has some long feet and toes!


Marissa said...

Hang in there Penelope!!! You can't come out yet!!!

Nana said...

You are going to look just like your Mommie. Second and third pictures look just like Heather Ann! And I should know. I can not wait to meet you!