Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Henry Loves Swimming!

We went to the pool again this past weekend with our friends Leslie and Jobey, and their kids Landon and Lyda. It was really our first time to go somewhere with another family, and we really had a great time. It's so nice to finally be regularly getting out of the house and socializing like normal people! All of the kids played well together and seemed to really have a good time.

Henry is really taking to the water like a little fish. As I was holding him in the kiddie pool, he kept putting his face in the water. He'd sit back up and look around, then stick his face right back in the water again! Gary took Henry into the big pool for a little while to work with him, and Henry kept putting his face in the water and was even kicking his feet. I think Henry is going to be a great swimmer!

I never get many pictures of the kids at the pool (something about the ratio of adults to children coupled with a pool doesn't work out for many pictures), but I did get one really cute picture of Henry flirting with Lyda. . . .

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