Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Girls Have Nothing To Wear

This past weekend, I went out of town to Chateau Elan for a girls' spa weekend with some girlfriends. We had a great (and relaxing) time! And yes, Gary kept the kids all by himself. Everyone always seems so surprised when I "let" Gary "keep" the kids, but really he is more than capable of being alone with them for a whole weekend. I arrived home to a perfectly clean house with happy, well fed babies.

It sounds like everyone had a great time while I was gone. Gary took the kids to Brookwood Mall for some Chick-Fil-A on Saturday morning, then for a neighborhood walk that afternoon. Then on Sunday morning, Gary took everyone to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

Gary said that there was only one truly stressful part of my being gone -- when he had to pick out clothes for the girls to wear. I used to arrange the kids' clothes by gender and size. Gary didn't like that. He said that he got confused and didn't know if he was dressing the kids in pajamas or playclothes. So, I rearranged the clothes into categories (with labels): boy pajamas, girl pajamas, boy swimwear, girls swimwear, boy playclothes, girl playclothes, boy casual clothes, girl casual clothes, and then we have the hanging clothes, which are dresses or outfits for nice parties and church. When I told Gary about the new organization scheme, he exclaimed: "I KNEW that there were categories of clothes!" He even went so far as to tell me where the kids would wear each type of clothes -- pajamas to bed, playclothes in the yard, casual clothes to the zoo, and hanging clothes to church! He totally got the new system! And, Gary was so pleased with himself for his new understanding of girl clothes. So, when I left for my girls' weekend, I thought that clothes were completely under control.

So, you can imagine my surprise when Gary told me that he broke out into a cold sweat when picking out clothes for the girls to wear. . . .

Gary: Henry has plenty of clothes! But the girls, they have no clothes!

Me: What do you mean?

Gary: I mean that they have nothing to wear! Nothing!

Me: Sure they have clothes.

Gary: They have pajamas, which I don't think they can wear out. And there is no difference between the playclothes and the casual clothes whatsoever. I know the drawers must be all mixed up. Either you or Brooke are not putting things where they belong.

Me: I'm sure that Brooke and I are putting the clothes in the correct drawers. Playclothes are usually knit, and casual clothes are like Piper's jean capri pants. They are different.

Gary: They're not.

Me: Well, there were some hanging clothes they could have worn.

Gary: The hanging clothes are way too confusing!! The shirts look like dresses and the dresses look like shirts. I didn't know what to put under anything. And then sometimes with the dresses they're supposed to wear things over their diapers and I don't know when they wear them. It was just so confusing. They have no clothes!

Me: I buy them plenty of clothes.

Gary: I KNOW YOU BUY THEM PLENTY OF CLOTHES! That's what makes no sense!! I think you're hiding them from me on purpose.

He was not joking.

It just amazes me that he is more than capable of taking care of three 11-month-olds for an entire weekend and the only problem the whole weekend is that the girls "don't have anything to wear"!! I suggested doing more shopping, but Gary was very much against that (I'll admit that I do have a problem of buying way too many clothes for the babies). Now you tell me, does this look like the girls don't have anything to wear?


Lindsey Wolfe said...

HA! I love your blog Heather! I really enjoy reading about the babies - especially when you rewrite the conversations between you and Gary. Just makes me smile when I see a new blog post from you!

Darin Osburn said...

This is by far the most hilarious of your blogs. I laughed out loud at work ;) - Alesha