Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Daddy's Little Legal Assistant

The Hammer enjoys helping Gary work from home every now and then. . . .

Henry has really been catching up with the girls lately. People would ask me if the babies were crawling, and I'd say the girls are. People would ask me if they had teeth, and I'd say the girls do (Piper has 6 and Rosemary 4 -- both girls got their outside top teeth before their middle teeth, which looks a little vampirish). People ask if they're pulling up and cruising, and I say the girls are. Everyone would tell me that girls just develop faster than boys, and I'd say that I sure hope so. . . . Well, Henry has decided to change things up a little bit lately!

The Wednesday before last (May 27), I was playing with Henry in the morning before work and he grabbed my hand to put it in his mouth -- and bit down on it with a tooth!!! I yelled for Gary and we both cheered for our 11-month-old who finally got a tooth. That tooth was quickly followed by another tooth on the bottom. That very same day, Brooke called me at work to tell me that Henry is crawling!!! All in one day!

Then, this past Thursday, Henry crawled over to me, put his hands on my legs, and sat there on his knees. Since then, he's been pulling up to his knees to play (I expect him to be pulling all the way up soon). And then this past Sunday, Henry had a tooth on the top pushing through (his very top right tooth in the middle).

I think Henry finally is getting tired of those girls beating him at everything!

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