Saturday, April 4, 2009

Piper's First Shopping Trip

We are now relieved of our RSV season house arrest, and have been getting the babies out a little bit. For instance, last weekend Gary and Henry went to Home Depot. They had a great time (and Henry was so tired that he slept for a long time when they got home). This afternoon, I took Piper shopping with me. We had a big afternoon of shopping for pajamas for all of the babies at the Carter's outlet. Piper even picked out a pair of pajamas. Every time she saw this one pair of navy and pink polka dot pajama pants, she got very excited and grabbed at them (and tried to put them in her mouth). It wasn't a set of pajamas that I was going to buy, but she loved them so much that I had to buy them for her.

Piper really seemed to enjoy shopping with me. Here are Piper and I after our shopping trip:

Rosemary gets a solo trip with one of us next. Tomorrow, all five of us are going to venture out with Auntie Ann to church. I'm trying to have realistic expectations and have decided that I'll consider it a success if we can stay for longer than 30 minutes. . . .


Amber Ellis said...

Your babies are precious! My husband went to ABS with you, and Whitney Kennedy told me about your blog. I just love reading about your little ones.

Oh, and for the record, I think you are super-mom to be able to handle 3! We only have 1 and sometimes I feel like I could go out of my mind :)

Heather Lee said...

Thanks, Amber! I just saw your profile picture and I recognize Morgan! I just now put 2 and 2 together. . . . These days sometimes it takes me a little while. :) I'm going to have to follow your blog now to keep up with you!