Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Can Do It Myself!

I've been looking forward to the time that the babies can feed themselves. Gary and I have thought of it as a time that may never come. But now all of the sudden, the babies only want to feed themselves. Pureed foods aren't fun anymore -- they want chunky food! And, mommy giving them a spoon is no fun -- they want to put it in their own mouths.

This newfound indepdence went to a whole new level this past Saturday when I was serving the babies their dinner -- pureed top sirloin and steamed broccoli with cheese. I suppose I could have made the babies eat the food with the spoon that I put into their mouths and really avoided a huge mess, but then I really do want to encourage the babies to experiment with food and feed themselves. It will probably not surprise many of you that steamed broccoli and cheese is not an easy food for babies to feed themselves. . . .



And Rosemary in particular enjoyed feeding herself some broccoli, cheese, and steak:

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