Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bathtime with a Bunny, a Lion, and a Duck

The babies really enjoy bathtime, which is every day after their 4:00 p.m. bottles and dinner. Recently, Henry reached the point where he flopped around so much in the infant bathtub that we had been using that we were afraid he'd flop right out of the bathtub. . . . So, we retired the baby bathtub and moved to the bathchair. Hopefully, soon we will just put all three of them in the tub for baths at the same time. For now, here are some pictures of the babies from this past weekend enjoying their baths (and bathtowels). You can tell by their smiles how much they like getting nice and clean!

Here is Piper (the Bunny):

Henry (the Lion):

And Rosemary (the Duck):


Abbie said...

Where did you get that bath seat??

They are so cute!!

Heather Lee said...

Hey, Abbie!

We got the bath seat at Babies R Us in the section next to the bathtubs:

It seems to work well enough. It didn't get great reviews, but we're okay with it. . . .

Jen said...

Rosemary, George and Piper look so cute in their character bath towels! I can't believe they are that excited about a bath!!!