Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hanging Out At the Pool

I was driving home on Saturday and passed our neighborhood pool on the way to our house. To my surprise -- the pool was hopping. And then I started thinking about how hot it was outside, and how nice it would be to go to the pool, and how there's a nice little kiddie pool next to the big pool. . . . So, this morning I ran by Wal-Mart and picked up some floats for the babies and after the noon feeding, Gary and I loaded up the babies in the stroller and walked down to the pool. Here are the babies ready to go and all decked out in their new swimwear:

We really had a great time at the pool. We were gone for a total of 2 hours. Gary and I definitely got some sun, but it doesn't look like we missed any spots with the sunscreen on the babies. We started out sitting with the babies on the steps of the big pool, then we blew up the floats and had the babies float around. Then we decided that it would be easier to have the floats in the kiddie pool and moved there for a while.

The kids were really funny. Piper was her normal wild self, and we kept a close eye on her because you could tell that she would like nothing better than to flip her float over. And -- she liked to drink the pool water, so we tried to keep that to a minimum. Henry had a good time and giggled a lot, and his favorite part was when Gary became a float for Henry. Rosemary, though, enjoys my type of pool visits -- she just laid back in her float and relaxed the whole time.

We had a great time and will definitely be doing this again soon. Here are some more pictures:

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Samantha said...

I love the pool floaties! Your babies are adorable!