Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Beach Trip 2012, Part I

Last Wednesday, we left the house bright and early for the beach.  We had packed and loaded up the night before, and the plan had been to load up the kids around 5:00 a.m. and be almost to the beach by the time we stopped for breakfast.  We actually woke the kids up around 6:30, which isn’t horrible.  We made it south of Montgomery when we stopped for breakfast, and made it to the beach before noon.  I’ve heard parents talk before about their kids asking “Are we there yet?” on drives.  I hadn’t ever really experienced it until this trip.  Holy crap.  I had no idea how absolutely annoying and frustrating it was the 1,053rd time that someone asked if we were there yet.  I also had no idea the frequency at which that question could be asked and answered.  Over and over and over again.  But – we made it – and were mostly sane when we got there.  Mostly. 

We had lunch at our traditional first-meal-at-the-beach place (Acme Oyster House – the one in New Orleans is better but this one is not bad) then went back to our condo for naps.  The weather forecast for the beach while we were there wasn’t looking great, so I wanted to go ahead and get the kids on the beach as soon as we could just in case we didn’t get much time out there.  So we got dressed for dinner, then headed out to the beach. 

The kids LOVED it!  Piper started out the trip by laying in the sand and making “sand angels” – so funny. I don’t think they know that snow isn’t sand.  The big girls especially cracked me up because they kept holding up their dresses so that they wouldn’t get wet from the waves.  It was hilarious.

I’ve never had such trouble sorting through photos before.  I just couldn’t narrow the photos from this first beach trip down to a manageable number!  Then I had the hardest time getting them edited the way I wanted them to be edited.  I spent night after night working on these photos, and decided finally to just accept them and move on. . . .  So, I’m just going to do a big photo dump tonight, and another one on the next blog post. 


More on the next blog post.  And probably the next and next . . . and maybe next!


JoLynn said...

I can see why you couldn't narrow them down. Love the photos! The one of the girls next to each other both lifting their dresses made me laugh - showing their "identical"!

Janine said...

So many, many comments ran through my head as I read this!! First: so funny, we debated on Acme Oyster House b/c it is one of our favorite places in NOLA and I was downright craving a shrimp poboy...but we ended up at a place called Kenny D's. Ever been there? It is so so so good! I LOVE that you let your kids hit the beach in their "real" clothes...this takes me back to your post about being spontaneous. I am so not that good. Your pictures are phenomenal. The colors are great! Love it!! So funny we were in Destin at the same time. My hubby commented how funny that would have been to have seen ya'll down there--your family is pretty unmistakable! ;)

Lindsey Wolfe said...

SO SO SO CUTE! LOVE the one with Piper and Rosemary both having their dresses up and I love pretty much all of them! I need to get to the beach with the kiddos VERY soon for some awesome pictures like these! So great!

Heather said...

JoLynn -- that is my FAVORITE photo! I just love it! :)

Janine -- we've never been to Kenny D's but we will definitely have to put that one on our list. We love Stinky's Fish Camp. And the real clothes . . . that was not meant to be a spontaneous moment but boy did it turn into one. I'll tell you all about that in the next blog post :)

Lindsey -- Thank you! And beach photos are the best! I love taking them. :)

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Oh, those pictures are are so good at capturing them!

Is it safe to assume you weren't locked on the balcony this year?

PS I'm going to find your header and email it to you..blogger is silly and yours is all blurry!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures but why would you have them in dresses.