Monday, June 4, 2012

Pool Time!

So I’m still making posts from weekend before last . . . but this is the last one!  On Memorial Day we headed to the pool with Auntie Ann.  It’s the first time we’ve gone to the pool this year.  And boy, was this year different from last year.  Gary and I were in the pool with the kids, of course, but we could sort of sit back and watch them without the kids hanging on to us the whole time.  It was awesome. 


I’m ready to head back to the pool already!

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Esther said...

how fun, heather! we noticed a big difference in the boys' swim skills this year, too. in fact, we braved putting away the puddle jumpers and giving them the arm floaties instead (you may have seen the florida photos). it went great, although we have two less kiddos to watch!!! thinking of swimming classes in the fall..and can you believe that in just about 20 days your older kiddos will be 4??????