Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving {part three}

Finally . . . my last Thanksgiving post.  When we went out to the beach on Thanksgiving, I also took some photos of Gary’s sister with her husband and sons, and some photos of Gary’s parents.  Some of the photos are the traditional “clear” photos, and then I took some photos with backlighting and haze.  I like backlighting and haze.  I think it’s cool.  In addition to learning how to shoot silhouettes, I was super-excited to learn how to shoot with backlighting and haze in my last photography class.  Gary does not like it.  He calls them “fuzzy” pictures and asks if I’m going to fix them.  I don’t fix them.

Here are a few beach photos I took of a class of people I call “people-other-than-my-kids”:DSC_8497DSC_8627DSC_8692 And here are a couple of “fuzzy” photos that I really love. . . .

DSC_8537 DSC_8580 We were in Pensacola from Wednesday until Saturday.  I went to Miami for work on Tuesday, so I just flew up to Pensacola on Wednesday where I met Gary and the kids (yes, that’s right, I managed to miss a long drive with the kids).  Thursday we had our Thanksgiving celebration.  Friday, after many requests from the kids, we took the kids swimming in the condo’s heated pool.  It still wasn’t that warm and we ended up staying in the hot tub more than the pool, but the kids were happy.  On Saturday morning we went on a dolphin cruise, then we loaded up and headed home.  The drive home went really well (considering that we were in a car with four little kids).  I’m really glad that we headed home on Saturday instead of Sunday, because I hear that the interstate was at a standstill on Sunday. 

We had a great time over Thanksgiving, and I’m really excited about getting geared up for Christmas.  The kids seem to totally understand what is going on this year, and I can tell that we’re going to have a blast!  I can’t wait to establish a few traditions that, hopefully, the kids will always remember.

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beth said...

love your pictures. i am going have to start finding some photography classes and start taken them but i have no one to pictures of but mike lol. glad you had a great thanksgiving.