Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hot Coffee

Gary and I cannot hear the kids in their bedroom when we are in our bedroom, so we are still using a sound monitor.  Every morning we get at least one good chuckle out of what the kids are talking about when they wake up.  Their imaginations are amazing.

For instance, Piper has a (pretend) coffeemaker on the left side of her headboard.  She pours “hot coffee” for Henry and Rosemary.  Sometimes she is not happy with Henry or Rosemary, and then Piper refuses to pour them any “hot coffee,” which causes the non-coffee-getter to get very, very upset.  Gary and I have two thoughts on this:  (1) they should just get over it because it’s not real coffee, and/or (2) why don’t they just put an imaginary coffee maker on their own bed?

Regardless, hot coffee is a regular thing in the big kids’ bedroom.  So, I found this morning’s conversation really entertaining:

Piper:  “Henny, Henny.  Get up.  I pouring you some hot coffee.”

Rosemary:  “Thank you!”

{lots of slurping as the kids drink their “hot coffee”}

Henry:  “Oh my.  You spilled your hot coffee.  I need a wipe!  I clean it up!”

{a little time passes by}

Henry:  “There.  It’s clean.”

Piper:  “I need more coffee.”

As you can tell, Gary and I are coffee drinkers.  And I’m a bit of a klutz and spill my coffee regularly.  Still, hearing them act out these elaborate scenarios never fail to amuse (and impress) me.


Mona Baker said...

what a great story, i never thought i'd hear of another family that the kids had a pretend coffeemaker in their room, mine did too, and their water filled sippy cups i let them have all day were ALWAYS called "my coffee", i've enjoyed your blog for over a year but just realized where you are after your thanksgiving posts, i am in PNS, would be cool to meet IRF on the beach sometime, my quints are teens now, i enjoy your pics very much

Heather said...

Mona -- that is great! I love that we're not the only ones with a coffeemaker. :) I'd love to meet sometime -- and hear about older kids. I'm just starting to see that we will indeed be leaving baby and toddlerhood one day, and that it will probably be sooner than I'm ready for it. . . . Thank you for your comment!

Iris Flavia said...

How cute and clever is that?!