Saturday, December 17, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

Every year the kids’ playschool hosts a breakfast with Santa fundraiser.  Yesterday marked our second year to attend the breakfast.  The kids were SO excited about seeing Santa.  They could hardly wait.  Piper was literally jumping up and down in the parking lot in anticipation of seeing the jolly one.  The kids maintained their excitement right up until the point where Santa appeared ringing his bell.

DSC_9709 I took a photo of Santa, then immediately took a few shots of the kids to get their impressions. . . .

DSC_9715 DSC_9714 DSC_9710 It didn’t really get much better.  Each of the kids got close enough to Santa to grab a candy cane, but that’s it.  I sat Penelope in Santa’s lap, but wasn’t able to step far enough away to even snap a photo of her screaming. 

Luckily, we used this as an opportunity for a photo with Aunt Jack (my great aunt), who came along to see Santa.  We managed to get one photo where all four kids were in it . . .

DSC_9725 . . . and one somewhat decent photo with three kids.

DSC_9733 I don’t think Penelope had quite recovered from seeing Santa, so she still needed a little time clinging to me.

There’s always next year!


Charlotte Smith said...

Love, love, love keeping up with your family!! It's such a joy to view the world through the eyes of children, triplets at that! It's like visiting you guys every week. Miss you. Charlotte Smith (nurse on HRO)

Heather said...

Oh, Charlotte . . . it is SO GOOD to hear from you! So glad to know that you're still out there following us. We'll have to get together sometime. :) I miss you, too, and think of you often.