Monday, November 14, 2011

Fifteen Month Check-Up

Last Thursday Penelope turned 15 months old and had her 15 month check-up!  All went well, and Penelope handled her shots pretty well.  I was really surprised that as soon as the nurse walked in the room with the tray of shots that Penelope started saying “no” and wrapped her arms and legs around me.  The big kids still don’t have a clue what is coming when the nurse walks in the room with the trays of shots, so I was not expecting that reaction.  I’ll be ready for it next time.  Penelope’s “stats” are as follows:

Weight:  21 pounds 2 ounces (25th percentile)
Length:  32.5 inches (>95th percentile)
Head Circumference:  17.5 inches

I put the word “stats” in quotation marks because the only stat above that I think is accurate is the weight.  See, Penelope started screaming right after she was weighed.  We had to physically hold her down for her length check and we had to really restrain her to get her head circumference.  The length just cannot be right – she’s been on the taller side this whole time, but that seems almost too tall. 

When I was watching the nurse measure Penelope’s head circumference, I knew it was wrong.  The measurement looked over 18 inches to me (and I’m also quite certain that 17.5 inches is wrong because her head circumference was 18 inches at her last appointment at one year!).  So, while I was at the appointment, I knew the measurements were wrong and considered asking for a re-measure, but I didn’t because I told myself that I was going to try to stop obsessing over the numbers and just concentrate on the fact that Penelope is healthy and developing appropriately. 

Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time wondering what her real stats are.  I’m still fighting with myself to just let it go instead of taking my own precise measurements, but I’ve stressed and worried over the size and percentiles for my kids for so long that I have to somehow manage to let it go. . . .  Somehow.  That’s what other parents do, right?!!  Especially those parents that didn’t have three preemies, right?!!  Maybe I can stop thinking about it so much now that this post is over.

To end, here is a photo of my sweet Penelope playing in her pajamas yesterday morning. . . .



Janine said...

So Heather, I DIDN'T have 3 preemies and I still obsess over Keagan's stats! I swear the nurse is off everytime on his just seems that she takes the measurement so quickly and he squirms around too much for her to be accurate!! I often think about asking for a I found this post both funny and encouraging! And, I hate to say it, but I have performed my own checks once we get home! Haha!!

prettyhelmet said...

I'm with Janine. I don't have 3 preemies, but I still worried over Hannie's stats. I'd ease your mind by doing your own measurements. Can't hurt, right?

Esther and Brian said...

I am a "stat worrier" for sure....preemie twins, naturally so so thin and well, smaller than kids in their preschool class--you know the drill!

So, as a worrier, I always measure the boys before the appointments because the nurses can never get it right, it seems. An inch here and there, etc...and weight-wise, I still use our official baby scale at home whereas they make the boys stand on the real scale since their 3-year appt. Well, when you are in the zero percentile, it does matter to count the ounces, too..and the adult scale is always off since they are not required to take the clothes, off, just the shoes.
But.........Penelope is a different case and she is clearly a healthy, growing, beautiful girl who's "stats" are in the very healthy range as is...:)

JoLynn said...

Whenever I thought the nurse was way off in length, I would go home, tape a couple sheets of paper together, lay the child down, and take my own measurement! Then I would breathe a sigh of relief knowing I had something more accurate I felt better about. I always wondered what if at the next appointment they had only grown 1/16" because the other measurement was so off!

At least you know you aren't alone!