Thursday, November 4, 2010


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As you can see, the kids were very scary pirates, and Penelope was their trusty sidekick parrot.

This is the first year that we took the kids trick-or-treating.  Up until now, we’ve dressed the kids up for Halloween (as peas in the pod or pumpkins) – mostly for photos.  But this year we decided that it was time to go trick-or-treating.  Because Halloween was on a Sunday, our neighborhood decided to trick-or-treat on Saturday night.  The kids were really excited to get dressed up, and then really excited to leave the house and start walking.  The kids weren’t sure what they were supposed to do at the first house we went to, but they were pros by the third house!  They had so much fun!  And Gary and I had a really good time, too.  We probably only went to 8 houses, but we were all worn out by the time we were done.

When we got home, the kids ate dinner, then we let them have some candy.  First they ate some smarties, then we finished it up with some Hershey’s chocolate bars. 

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Eventually, we had to tell the kids that there would be no more candy.  Piper and Henry took the news pretty well.  Rosemary did not.

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I hope you all had a great Halloween!


Nana said...

I had tears in my eyes for Little Rosemary. LOVES CANDY!! They were all precious dressed up. Kiss my babies for me.

Ann said...

Those are the cutest pirates I think I've ever seen! And an adorable parrot, too! Poor Rosemary...she's going to love Auntie Ann's brownies tonight! :)

Anonymous said...

Heather!This post gave me so much joy and laughter! You have the cutest kids in the whole world- all 4 of them! I can not believe Gary Lee allowed them to have candy but I can totally see Rosemary not taking kindly to the end of the candy eating festivities. Your blog just makes me smile :)