Monday, October 25, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

This past weekend we went to the pumpkin patch.  Last year when we went to the pumpkin patch, the kids were barely walking, it was really cloudy (great for photos), and there was hardly anyone there.  We ended up getting a ton of amazing photos – so many that I did a main pumpkin patch blog post, then one each for Piper, Henry, and Rosemary.  I was sort of expecting the same thing this year.  Not so much.  This year the kids are FAST, the sun was out and bright, and the pumpkin patch was super-crowded!  Regardless, we had a good time.  Auntie Ann joined us this time.  And of course this year we had another new addition – Penelope!   

The kids were really funny.  Piper was full of energy and it was a little hard to keep up with her.  She flirted with everyone and even climbed onto someone’s lap during the hayride.  Henry was very serious, and took his pumpkin-picking and pumpkin-carrying responsibilities very seriously.  Rosemary was excited about the pumpkin patch – but then she also gets excited about cameras these days.  At one point we turned around and saw a family sitting on a hay bale for a photo . . . with Rosemary sitting next to them smiling.  Oops. 

Here are the photos:

DSC_0372 edit cropped

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Anonymous said...

Your post was hilarious. Oh, those sweet babies, so outgoing!

Cathy said...

These are SO CUTE! I love the one of everyone walking down the path. I love how each kid had their own unique approach to the PP.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed you marked all your photos with blog name. Are you having problems with people lifting your photos?
BTW, your photography skills are awesome! I got a new camera and I need serious help. Of course, I don't have beautiful subjects to practice with everyday.
Nanny Bob

Heather said...

Nanny Bob, I haven't had anyone lifting photos (that I know of), but I know some other mommies of triplets that have had some issues recently. Plus with what I've been learning about photography and such, I am starting to become a little paranoid. I'm trying to come up with a "good" watermark -- hopefully I'll have that soon! You know you're always welcome to come stay with us and practice your photography skills on our kids!