Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Surprise Visit from Papa

We recently learned that Brooke will not be able to continue being our nanny. So, we've been looking for another nanny. So far we've had about 40 applications, and we are sorting through those applications and trying to make a lot of decisions. In the meantime, my mom returned to help us out. Auntie Ann and Lori (and Lori's husband, Harvey) are also helping us. I really don't know what we would have done without them these last few weeks!!

Anyway, Mom spent this past weekend with us. Papa decided to drive down and surprise everyone with a visit. So on Sunday when we got home from the zoo, Papa walked out to welcome us home. The babies were very, very excited to see Papa, and insisted that he hold them all!

Whenever Papa comes to visit the babies, he stops by Krispy Kreme. He comes to the house with doughnuts and official paper hats. These babies can recognize a Krispy Kreme box from a mile away. They will even wear the hats (at least for a little while) if it means getting a doughnut. . . .

Piper was cautiously happy to see her doughnut, and quickly remembered that she really likes doughnuts.

As expected, Henry tore into his doughnut.

Rosemary was very excited about her doughnut -- but not as much so about her hat.

Not surprisingly, Rosemary quickly started showing signs of the sugar. . . .

After we started seeing the other kids developing signs of a sugar high, we decided that everyone should go outside to run off some of that energy.

Papa decided to teach the babies how to roll down a hill. Piper was a little hesitant, but we think she liked it:

The Hammer thought it was great!

Then it was Rosemary's turn. . . .

All in all, everyone had a great day!!


Lindsey Wolfe said...

Looks like a fun day Heather! How are you feeling with a baby on board? Good luck with the nanny selection. Love the picture of Rosemary getting a sugar high! Too funny!

Heather said...

Thanks, Lindsey! I tell you, I feel great. The last couple of months I've felt better than I did at any point during my pregnancy with the kids. I love that I can actually relax a bit and enjoy a pregnancy. :)