Monday, March 8, 2010

A Picnic with Friends

This past Saturday we met some friends -- Jobey, Leslie, Landon, and Lyda -- at Aldridge Gardens for a playdate and then for a picnic. We had an awesome time, and I think the kids really enjoyed themselves. Best of all, everyone had a great nap afterwards!

Leslie brought these great big containers of bubbles, with wands so that each kid could blow their own bubbles, and those were a big hit. The kids played with those for a while. Then of course everyone had a great time just running around. I loved seeing our kids playing with other kids -- it's something we haven't had much opportunity to do so far. For some reason Rosemary took off for the lake everytime we let her out of our eyesight, but we didn't have any swimming . . . this time at least.

The most amazing thing was how my kids ate all of Leslie's food. Every time Leslie would open up their food basket -- my kids just swarmed around her. I kept saying that I really did feed them breakfast that morning! When we got home, Gary informed me that I underperformed in the food department for the picnic, but I prefer to think that anyone else's food is just better than mine. My mom tells me that when I was little that my dad would get so embarrassed because we would go to one of his friend's houses and I'd eat like I hadn't eaten in days. I guess I'm being paid back. Anyway -- thanks for feeding everyone, Leslie!!

Here are a few pics from our big outing:


Amanda said...

Sounds like a fun time! Piper and Rosemary are really starting to look like each other.

Cathy said...

Great pictures! Looks like a fun afternoon. I really think that it is kid nature to want to eat other people's food, play with other people's toys, and (in the case of my girls yesterday, as an example), wear other people's pettiskirts. It's just different and more interesting. I'm sure your food is delicious and plentiful. I'd eat some!

Brian and Crystal said...

I just can't believe how big everyone is getting. The girls really are starting to look more and more alike.