Sunday, March 14, 2010

Little Artists

I've been a little scared to use crayons and paper with the kids. The biggest problem I foresee is that Rosemary puts everything she sees in her mouth, then eats it. The other two see Rosemary eating objects that aren't supposed to be eaten, and they try to eat the same inedible object. I know crayons are non-toxic, but honestly, how many crayons is it really safe to eat?!!

If this is something that is inherited, I suppose they got it from me. Apparently I had a similar problem as a child, and was horribly disappointed to wake up one Christmas morning to a note from Santa telling me that I couldn't have a Lite Brite until I could stop putting things in my mouth.

Anyway. Not too long ago Toys R Us had a sale on those coloring packs with the markers that only write on the special paper that comes with them. I decided that was the perfect thing for our kids. . . . Last weekend I pulled out the notebooks and markers for a little fun.

I started out coloring a little on the pads to show them how it works. Piper colored a tiny bit on hers (and by tiny bit, I mean those few small little blue marks in the top left quadrant of the page):

Henry actually did the most coloring of any of them and I was quite impressed:

Rosemary did a decent job for her first shot at coloring and even tore off a corner of the page for a little artistic twist to her work:

A plus is that this was a great opportunity for me to play with my new camera lens.

The problem is that they still put the markers in their mouths. And THEY BIT OFF THE TIP OF THE MARKERS and tried to eat them. Thankfully, as far as I can tell, I fished all the marker bits out of their mouths. Maybe crayons really would be better than that. Regardless, at least everyone had fun! Though we're probably not going to be that out again for a while. . . .


Christy said...

Your babies are beautiful and growing SO much! Beautiful photos. I've become an avid photographer myself - can't get enough! I've all but quit sewing to take pictures! SO much fun!

The Grasshoppa:Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

You would be surprised at just how many marker tips and crayons they can eat safely. Honestly! By the time that new baby gets here you'll be serving the up for breakfast (kidding!)

Beautiful pics :)