Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rosemary is a Movie Star!

Last Sunday, Rosemary became our first child to roll over tummy-to-back. A few days later, she perfected the back-to-tummy roll as well. So far, she is the only baby who is consistently rolling at all (though Piper managed 4 tummy-to-back rolls in a row this afternoon). Luckily, Nana gave us a video camera for Christmas and we happened to have it sitting around and captured Rosemary's first roll. I apologize for the commentary, and especially the annoying cheering. Who would have ever thought that rolling over would be so exciting!! (And, I will admit to wearing my pajamas in the video, but I will not tell you what time of day it was.)

Earlier this week, Gary's mom sent us the link to Cute Things Falling Asleep, a blog which, as the name implies, features videos of cute things falling asleep. Then this morning, the blog was featured on the Today Show. Tonight we managed to catch our cute Rosemary falling asleep, which we think is much cuter than anything on that blog. . . .

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Lindsey Wolfe said...

Heather - LOVE the videos! And don't apologize about the cheering. It is fantastic when your little one does a new trick! I especially love Gary questioning if she was REALLY rolling over. Too funny. :-) Go little Rosemary!