Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Comparison Post

A while back I did a post with pictures of the babies from when they were in the NICU compared to recent pictures. Well, it's been a while since that post, so Gary and I decided to take out the cute little stuffed animals that Aunt Kimberly and Uncle Zac gave the babies and take some more pictures. We took the new pictures this past Sunday, when the babies turned 7 months old (yes, I said SEVEN months old -- can you believe it?)!!

The stuffed animals in the NICU pictures are the very same ones as in the new pictures. That's how small our babies were -- and how BIG they are now! In the new pictures, you can see a display of some of the babies' new favorite things: putting everything they can in their mouths and throwing themselves backwards. . . .

First up is Piper at 6 days old, followed by Piper at 7 months old:

Then Henry at 6 days old followed by Henry at 7 months old:

And last but not least, Rosemary at 8 days old followed by Rosemary at 7 months old:


beth said...

they are so cute. and getting so big. i cant believe that they are already 7 monthes old.

Cathy said...

They are all so beautiful (and getting so big!)