Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Big Growth Spurt

Gary and I have learned that babies truly grow in spurts. I can honestly see a baby in the morning, and that baby will be significantly larger in the evening. For instance, Henry's sleeper will fit when I put him to bed, and it will be too short when I wake him up. It amazes us every time a baby has a growth spurt, and we talk about how crazy it is all the time.

The other day I was in the kitchen (probably loading bottles into the dishwasher) and Gary in the living room feeding a baby when we started that familiar conversation -- how big the babies are getting. It went something like this:

Gary: Wow, Piper's hands are just huge.

Heather: Uh-huh.

Gary: I mean, they seriously look bigger than they did this morning.

Heather: They are growing fast.

Gary: And her head looks bigger, too. Everything about her is just bigger than it was this morning.

Heather: Uh-huh.

And then I walk around the corner from the kitchen to see this:

Now, look closely. What about this isn't right?

I'll tell you just in case you missed it: That baby is not Piper. That baby is Henry. However, since Henry is wearing a pink "Girl Power" bib (that, incidentally, Gary put on him), Gary assumed that Henry was Piper. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Henry has been mistaken for Piper -- and the confusion usually results when Gary puts some pink item on Henry. . . . I guess with three infants we're going to mix them up every now and then!


Peggy said...

I am laughing out loud! Poor Gary!!

beth said...

lol and you have pictures of him wearing pink. you may have to find those from him when he gets older or when he will be throwing them away.